Ready to blow up some tanks?!

Mini Tank Battles is a comic styled multiplayer oriented 3rd person shooter/ tower defense crossover. The current state of the game is an early alpha. Please watch the video to see some shots from the game. The main gameplay is a fast paced 3rd person shooter with tower defense to support you in the battlefield. With 4 game modes and 4 classes to choose from. By leveling up, spending skillpoints and getting better gear you are able to overcome bigger challenges.

Ready for some action? Play now!

Maintenance update: Your inventory

Due to an update, your current items will be replaced with others next weekend. The type and level will stay the same, but the stats on the items will change.

As a compensation every player will get 7 random weapons and 3 random pieces of armor at the level of your highest character if you have logged in in the past month.
You will also get an option (later on) to undelete your collected items once.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. This update is necessary for future features and will most likely be the only update ever that will change your collected items.

Update: Better models & textures, networking improved


We have released a new snapshot of Mini Tank Battles. The models and textures have been updates to better reflect the style of the game. The comicbook style will be maintained, however it will get more serious and darker (a bit like the style of borderlands). We hope you like the new style. Please note that the current level of details is still at the low-end. This will form the basis for the Android and iOS release. The PC,Mac,Linux release will have much better graphics. However this can only be done by a successful crowdfunding campaign. The following textures/models have been updated

  • The new flamethrower cannon model is completed and almost completely textured.
  • The new tesla cannon model is almost completed and it has some placeholder textures.
  • The tank hull model is almost completed and it has some placeholder textures.
  • The cannon (dual and single) have a new (Temporary) placeholder model to better reflect the style of where the game is going.
  • The scrapmetal armor model is almost completed and it has some placeholder textures.

Also the networking has been improved and will continue to be improved over time. You can help by testing this and report any (performance) issues.

More pictures can be found on IndieDB:
Test our new update via our website: Play now!

New Tesla cannon in mini tank battles game

New Tesla cannon available for testing

A new version of the feared Tesla Cannon has been added to the latest snapshot of the game. The new Tesla cannon has an improved model (including a generator), better sound and spectacular special effects. But it’s not only about the looks. The Tesla cannon still does damage to multiple opponents at once! Please help us test the new model and let us know what you think of it!

The playable snapshot on this website has been updated with the new cannon and some other improvements, so: Play now!

Support Mini Tank Battles – Crowdfund this game!

Mini Tank Battles is made using expensive software. To release Mini Tank Battles, we need to raise some money. We are already putting a lot of work into this game. Hopefully you will help us develop this game by donating a few euro’s, dollars or even rupees. Check out our Crowdfunding project on Indiegogo, or watch our call for support by founder and developer Guido de Jong:

Only Gameplay:

With developer:

New Tesla cannon model

To give an idea of which direction the style of MTB is developing, here are some previews of the new Tesla Cannon. The new Tesla cannon will feature a fully functional generator and some new spectacular effects! A full working version will be added to the alfa-version soon.

new_tesla_cannon_preview new_tesla_cannon_rear